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How Crystal Healing Works


Albert Einstein said everything in life is energy and similar to sound waves, your thoughts create your reality. Each crystal has its own unique vibration which emits a certain energy linked to improving your life.


Another benifical way to use crystals is to set intentions within them. Using them to meditate and to help soothe and relax yourself are other benifical ways to use crystals. Each crystal has it's own set of benificial energies to create positivity, bring wealth energy, cleanse your energetic space, create self confidence and much more. Below are a few classic examples of the added energetic benefits that crystals can bring.


soothes and releases anxiety

- Sodalite - Kyanite - Amethyst - Howlite - Moonstone


- Rose Quartz - Black Touramline - Fluorite - Citrine

promoting wealth

- Pyrite - Citrine - Amethyst  - Amazonite - Ruby

love, self love and bringing in love

- Rose Quartz - Rhodonite - Mangano Calcite - Rhodochrosite - Emerald

sleeping well and calming energies

- Celestite - Amethyst  - Moonstone - Howlite - Rose Quartz

self confidence

- Adventurine - Bloodstone - Pyrite - Tigers Eye - Blue Lace Agate

cleansing/new beginnings

- Selenite - Black Tourmaline - Smoky Quartz - Rose Quartz

Disclaimer: **This website is not intended to and does not provide medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Please seek medical advice from your doctor to treat any illness. **

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