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reduces stress  |  calming   |  enhances spirituality


 Vera Cruz Amethyst Properties and Meaning – This variety of Amethyst is mined from Los Vigas Mine, Vera Cruz Mexico. It often comes in a lavender shade of purple, and in Laser Wand form. Vera Cruz Amethyst is useful in reducing stress, easing headaches, inducing a sense of calm and a deep medative state. Vera Cruz Amethyst assists in bringing restful sleep. Vera Cruz Amethyst opens intuition and spiritual wisdom.


The crystal in the image is the exact crystal you are buying. Please note, as these are natural products, there may be imperfections, traces of other stones or rainbows within your crystal.


All orders come in an adorable gift box, coloured straw, velvet pouch (subject to availability and crystal size) and crystal information card!



Width 2cm

Height 4.5cm

Weight 22gms

Vera Cruz Point

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