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full moon


Cleansing your crystals monthly under full moon light, will dispell the energy which they have carried or absorbed by the environment or the people who have held them. Rinse your crystals gently under water, dry them and place them out in the moonlight. You do not need to cleanse your selenite, as it is a self cleansing crystal. Please note there are some crystals which you should not clease in water first, such as: amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunszite, angelite, azurite and selenite. Most of the crystals ending in "ite" are not suitable for being submerged in water as they can disintergrate. Also colour dyed agates may run if placed in water, or left out over night in the rain. Please use selenite to cleanse in this case.




Selenite crystals have a very high vibration and do not need to be charged themselves. Placing your crystals in a selenite dish, selenite charging plate or placing a piece of selenite or selenite wand on your crystals that you wish to charge, will also do the trick.

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