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high vibration   |     unconditional love    |    balances emotions


Lemurian Crystals are said to have originated in a country known as Mu or Lemuria.  This civilization, according to the legends, was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization that existed over 12 million years ago in the area of the South Pacific. The area is now beneath the sea. In 1999 while excavating in the Serra do Cabral mountain region of Brazil, miners discovered the first quartz crystals that have come to be known as Lemurians. Lemurian Crystals have an extremely high vibration, balances the emotions and transmit messages of equality and unconditional love from ancient advanced civilizations. 

The Lemurians are believed to have foreseen a cataclysmic event, and prepared the Seed Crystals to preserve their knowledge and traditions. During the last days of their civilization, the Lemurians decided to plant seed crystals programmed to transmit a message of oneness. 


The crystal in the image is the exact crystal you are buying. Please note, as these are natural products, there may be imperfections, traces of other stones or rainbows within your crystal.



Width 2cm 

Length 7cm 

Weight 40gms 



Width 1.5cm approx each

Length 3.5cm approx each

Weight11gms approx each

Brazilian Lemurian Seed Points

PriceFrom $19.00


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