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Lodelite is a kind of included quartz that has different colour and type inclusions.


These inclusions often look like underwater scenes, landscapes, and gardens. Lodolite, or Phantom Quartz, is in fact one of the most fascinating types of quartz, or rock crystals. In essence, a whole other world is formed inside a bigger quartz crystal.


Lodolite is by nature a loving and gentle stone that brings harmony. It also behaves like quartz, in that it amplifies the effect of all other crystals, so the effect of any inclusions within the lodolite, or phantom quartz, is also increased.


The crystal in the image is the exact crystal you are buying. Please note, as these are natural products, there may be imperfections, traces of other stones or rainbows within your crystal.


Width 3.5cm

Height 2cm

Weight 36gms

Lodolite Point

$37.00 Regular Price
$31.45Sale Price
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