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self-confidence  | brings love and romance  | self-love


Rhodonite aids as the stone of compassion and balances emotions. It heals emotional scars from the past and encourages self love. Rhodonite brings comfort and confidence in the self, promoting self love and healing.



Rainbow Fluorite

calming  | decisiveness | self-confidence


Fluorite absorbs and neutralises stress and negative energy. Fluorite increases concentration, self-confidence and is excellent for decision-making. 


Rainbow Aura

brings romance and love | heals heart energy | cleansing


Rainbow Aura Crystals have a very high vibration and are great for purifying and balancing the chakras (especially the crown chakra). It is truly beautiful quartz stone with many rainbows reflecting on the surface.


The crystal in the image is the exact crystal you are buying. Please note, as these are natural products, there may be imperfections, traces of other stones or rainbows within your crystal.


width 4cm each approx each

height 4cm each approx each

weight 38gms each approx each

Assorted - Rhodonite, Rainbow Aura, Rainbow Fluorite Flatstones

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